Learn About Step By Step Varify Of Orange County Jail

Orange County Correctional Facility, a division of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for housing all prisoners from law enforcement agencies within Orange County. The facility can house 350 inmates, but the daily average population is only 200. The staff of the facility is made up of a captain, a lieutenant and six sergeants. There are also around 47 other staff members.

The facility’s purpose is to house detainees awaiting trial and criminally convicted persons sentenced to jail in a county or those awaiting transfer to the Texas Prison System. The facility has an average daily population of more than 200 inmates. Corrections Staff are responsible for providing services to inmates that are required by state, local and federal guidelines, including but not restricted to inmate recreation, work program inmates, visitation, activities in court, meals, medical care, and mail service oc jail.

Orange County Correctional Facility’s mission is to create a safe living and working environment. The protection of staff, inmates and community members is a priority for the facility. Orange County Correctional Facility employees believe in teamwork qualities that create an atmosphere of respect and cooperation between officers and prisoners. The criminal justice system operates with professionalism and efficiency, putting quality work above quantity. Each officer is taught to use the benefits of modern technology, professional training, and techniques while meeting individual needs.

The officers and staff at the Orange County Correctional Facility set the tone for our daily mission through their words and actions. Each officer completes tasks with diligence, demonstrating integrity, honesty and a servant’s mentality. Orange County Correctional Officers respond to any situation in a professional way, emulating an honest public servant without prejudice.

Local police officials attribute the increase to Prop. The law, which makes it harder to lock up drug addicts, low-level criminals, and others, leaves them out on the street to commit crimes or steal to feed their addictions. Criminologists claim that the link between drug addiction and crime is not supported by any research. They also warn that police often attack legislation that they do not support before a proper analysis is conducted.

Kea stated that the changes in the county jail system have been a result of the changing demographics, both due to the decrease in low-level criminals and the transfer of state prisoners from the county.

This includes fewer low-threat prisoners to staff kitchens and work crews in the community, allowing the County to move inmates around while repairing portions of jails, as well as cutting back on the program which sentenced misdemeanour criminals to wear GPS ankle bands rather than serving time in jail.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies Union claims that despite the recent decline in jail populations, county jails in Orange County were understaffed when three inmates fled from Central Men’s Jail Santa Ana in January. In February, the union filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. It claimed that the jail conditions, staff cuts, and operational mistakes allowed three inmates to escape.

Browse our website to get an idea about what you can expect in the Orange County jail. Although everyone’s jail experience is unique, there is a learning curve when you go from freedom to incarceration. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we recommend gaining as much information as you can. You will be in the lead if you are well-informed about the Orange County Jail System.

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